1.1-2 Chapel/Thrive

CCCB’s community gathers in the Ferneau Center Tuesday mornings and the Student Center Thursday evenings during the school year for praise, worship, and celebration. These gatherings are the heartbeat of the campus’ fellowship as we work to develop servant-leaders for the church. As the entire on-campus student body is gathered. Chapel and Thrive are also a time in which important and time-sensitive information is communicated to our students.

1.1–2.a. Chapel/Thrive Attendance Guidelines and Expectations

Chapel and Thrive attendance are expectations of every Moberly campus student. Attendance is recorded by Saints GPS, or designees, as students enter by scanning their school ID card. Chapel and Thrive services are coordinated by various groups; students interested in participating in chapel or thrive services or making announcements should contact the Worship Coordinator at least 24 hours in advance.

Students who compromise the integrity of the chapel attendance procedure and standards (i.e. scanning with the ID of another student, leaving at any time before the service ends, etc.) or fail to comply with chapel expectations (such as the dress code, respect for God, etc.) are subject to disciplinary action and possibly being marked as absent. Because Central’s students are leaders, the level of behavioral and attitudinal expectations is high.

1.1–2.b. Chapel Attendance

Any student who fails more than one semester of Chapel/Thrive attendance may not be allowed to graduate. Students are expected to maintain an 80% chapel/thrive attendance rate each semester. Students who are unable to regularly attend Chapel and/or thrive due to unresolvable conflicts with work, partner college class times, or distance from the college may complete a Chapel Exemption Request Form which can be found on the links tab of Populi. See Saints GPS for accommodations.

Students who are often absent from Chapel/Thrive will be contacted. Students who do not meet these minimum standards for Chapel/Thrive participation will fail for the semester.

1.1-2.c. Chapel Reports

If a student misses a chapel/Thrive but does not wish to be marked as absent, they may complete and submit a Chapel Make-Up Form, which can be found in the links tab of Populi. Students may complete a maximum of 3 Chapel Make-Up Forms and replace chapel up to 3 absences by:

  1. Listening to the missed chapel service on CCCB’s chapel page or YouTube channel; and
  2. Submitting a chapel report for each missed Chapel. 

1.1-2.d. Chapel Appeals

A student has the right to appeal any decision concerning their chapel/thrive attendance within ten days of notification.

Appeals must be made in writing to the Associate Director of Student Development. (LucasReynolds@cccb.edu)