1.2-2. Advising and Supervised Ministry Experience

CCCB’s field education program provides students the opportunity to serve in a located ministry under the supervision of an experienced leader through two types of internships, depending on the program in which the student is enrolled:

1.2-2.a. Supervised Ministry Experience (SME)

Most Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts ministry programs require students to complete 300 hours typically during the student’s junior or senior year.

1.2-2.b. Christian Leadership Apprenticeship (CLA)

Students seeking a BRS degree in Christian Leadership are required to complete 150 hours typically during the student’s junior or senior year. 

1.2-2.c. Approval and Reporting

The Program Director will approve the student’s desired site and Site Supervisor. Saints GPS can help the student find a site if needed. Students may see either with questions or concerns.

The Program Director will create a Learning Agreement with the student and the Site Supervisor outlining the requirements for the individualized experience.

Students will be enrolled in a Canvas course that will include all requirements for the student’s experience. From these assignments, Saints GPS will communicate and track required hours and forms. The Program Director will provide the final grade for the course. 


The manual for the SME can be found at this link: