1.2-3 Academic Progress

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is the standard of measurement a school uses to ensure a student is successfully progressing through their degree requirements. There are two components of SAP, Qualitative (Based on the Cumulative Grade Point Average - CGPA) and Quantitative (Based on the pace of progression to ensure completion of the degree within the maximum time frame).

Withdrawing from too many classes will have a negative impact on PACE (a ratio of credit hours earned divided by credit hours attempted) and may lead to being suspended from Federal and institutional financial aid as well as Academic Suspension. Repeating a class may affect a student’s CGPA and/or PACE. For the CGPA, the higher grade will be used to figure the student’s CGAP. However, both classes will be used in the calculation to establish how a student is progressing through their degree program, in other words, their pace.

Deficiencies of SAP Students not making Satisfactory Academic Progress will be placed on Academic Alert, Academic Warning, Academic Suspension, or Academic Probation.