2.1-1 Residence Life

Spiritual transformation occurs in the context of relationships. Central’s residence halls offer an opportunity to experience the best of fellowship and encouragement as a key part of servant leadership development. All full-time, single, Moberly Campus students under the age of 24 are required to live in the residence halls unless granted an exemption through Student Development. In addition, students who are taking classes at MACC may apply to live in the dorms. Students interested in this opportunity may speak with the VP of Student Development.

Residence hall living is a great discipleship and leadership development opportunity. CCCB residence life is intentionally designed to foster a positive environment in which love, mercy, grace, encouragement, and excellence may flourish. Central’s administration expects all students to submit to the authority of the Residential Life Staff. Cooperation, respect, and a spirit of grace are key elements in maintaining a campus community of deeply spiritual leaders.

2.1–1.a. Residence Directors (RD’s) 

The Men’s and Women’s Residence Directors and the Dean of Women and Dean of Men lead the Residential Life Staff with the direction and empowerment of the Vice President of Student Development. They are available for guidance, counsel, and in the case of emergencies. An RD or designee is always on-call for matters related to the residence halls. RD’s enforce campus expectations and may give exceptions to the dormitory rules.

2.1–1.b. Residence Directors Assistants (RDAs)

Residence Directors will be assisted in their oversight by the RDAs. RDAs will provide leadership in the areas of leading dorm devotions, conducting room checks, and promoting adherence to the dress code and the code of conduct. RDA’s will also be available to support residents in meeting with the Resident Directors or Deans

2.1–1.c. Resident Assistants (RA’s)

Resident Assistants live on the dorm floors. RA’s are available for guidance, counsel, and in the case of emergencies. They serve as floor leaders and facilitate spiritual, social, and service opportunities for residents. They serve as a part of the Student Development team and are the front-line staff in Central’s effort to maintain a culture of discipleship, service, leadership, integrity, and love. They are empowered by the RDs, Deans, RDAs, and VP of Student Development to initiate disciplinary action when appropriate. Applications and interviews for RA’s are generally accepted in February and March.

Interested students should initiate a conversation with Student Life staff, other RAs, and/or the RDs. There are separate requirements and benefits for RAs and RDAs. For more information talk with the Resident Directors.

A comprehensive list of Student Life Staff, their locations, phone numbers, and emails is located on the back page of the Student Handbook.

2.1–1.d. Rooms and Roommates 

Students may request consideration for single occupancy room assignments. Room assignments are made according to availability and at the discretion of the Student Development team through the Residence Directors.

Students may also request a roommate, doing so would provide students with a residential discount should a roommate be provided.

2.1–1.e. Room Reassignment 

During the course of a semester, students may have legitimate reasons for requesting a new roommate or a new room. If a student desires to do this, he or she should make a formal request (dorm forms) and submit it to the RD. The request should be signed by the person desiring to move and new roommate(s). All changes must be approved by the RD.

2.1–1.f. Living Off Campus

Students under the age of 24 may apply for an exemption to live off-campus based upon the following criteria:

  • Student’s 24th birthday falls before the first class day of the semester for which they are applying;
  • Health needs require special facilities that Central cannot supply;
  • A student desires to live with a parent, guardian, or grandparent within an hour of Central;
  • Special work situations exist which require the student to live where they work; and/or
  • Extreme financial hardship in which off-campus living is necessary for enrollment.

Requests for consideration of an exemption to the on-campus housing requirement must be presented in writing to the Associate Director of Student Development. Requests must include the reason and supporting information for consideration.

2.1–1.g. Mandatory Meetings

All dormitory residents are required to attend mandatory dorm meetings. Weekly floor meetings are planned by the RAs. They are designed to make the campus community aware of events and issues as well as providing for a time of spiritual growth as a floor. Once a month the entire community meets in the student center for Thrive, this is also considered a mandatory meeting and attendance is taken. All residents must also attend a scheduled all-campus meeting at the beginning and end of each semester. Residential Life Staff may call additional all campus or floor meetings as deemed necessary throughout each semester. RD’s may allow for alternative plans to meet this requirement in extreme circumstances with prior approval.

2.1–1.h. Open Dorms

Residence Directors will occasionally announce limited hours for visits by all campus students. Students are encouraged to prepare their rooms for guests. These events will be publicized by the RAs of that dorm. Participating students must leave their room doors open at all times and have their living areas well lit.

2.1-1.i. Curfew

To ensure security in our dorm facilities, a curfew is imposed from 12am to 6am on all school nights (Sunday-Thursday) and 1am to 6am on the weekend (Friday-Saturday). Any student coming in during that time should find the appropriate form on our dorm forms page.