2.1-3 Harvest House and Weekend Meals

The Harvest House (HH) is a coffee shop located in the Walton Student Center. HH hours are the same as the Student Center, but food service through the HH may be limited past certain hours.

Sunday-Thursday Friday Saturday
8:00am-11:45pm 8:00am-12:45am 10 am-12:45 pm

The Harvest House provides a variety of prepared and handcrafted beverages, including espresso, blended, and Lotus energy drinks along with various food items (sandwiches, personal-size pizzas and wraps, etc.). Off-duty employees and students who are not employed by the HH should NOT be behind the counter or bar area for any reason. HH employees are trained and licensed through the local health department.

All residential students on CCCB’s board plan will also receive two meals from the Harvest House each week. This meal is obtained through the student's ID card. Students are encouraged to use this meal on Sundays (when the cafeteria is closed), but the student is free to use the meal at any time throughout the school year. Unused money on this account cannot be carried over from spring to fall semester; it must be used during the school year in which it was issued.

A tip jar is available for those who wish to thank their baristas for their excellent service. Occasionally it can be used to collect funds for Outreach week trips.

HH employees/baristas can reserve rooms for students in the Walton Student Center (media room, Collaboratory, televisions to be used for specially programmed events, and the stage area). They may also provide supplies for the pool tables, ping pong tables, batteries for electronics in the Student Center, and other items. Students should ask HH employees if they need access to any of these items.