2.2-4 Student-led Ministries

Central believes that every student is an individual with incredible influence and leadership potential. Studentled ministries give students the opportunity to lead as an integral part of the college experience. Every year students travel across the street and across the globe to make a difference and advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Central’s heritage is rich with student-led groups.

Effective leadership ignites when passion and skills align to meet a need. Central’s plan is to create a culture of leadership through unleashing student leadership and ministry potential. Students are encouraged to catch a vision through prayer, the Word, and interaction with people.

2.2–4.a. Forming a Ministry Group

Any student with a vision for ministry may be considered for recognition as a Central Student-led Ministry Group through the following process:

  1. Propose a Dream. Submit your vision in writing to the Student Development Office. The proposal will be evaluated by the student development team. There are two criteria involved with this first step; these include:
    1. Is it biblical?
    2. Is it aligned to Central’s mission and values?
      Proposals that meet these criteria will move to step 2.
  2. Connect. Find a faculty or staff mentor who will meet with you regularly to discuss your leadership development and group’s ministry. Step 2 criteria: Is there an experienced leader who believes in you and your ministry vision?
  3. Pray. Is this something that God wants us to do here and now? After a time of prayer, the proposal moves to step 4.
  4. Announce. The Student Development Office will assist you in announcing an interest and information meeting. No announcements can be made unless the Dean of Students has approved it (this includes written, verbal, and electronic announcements).
  5. Evaluate. The criteria for this step are based upon the belief that God provides the resources(people, materials, gift sets, etc.) to do what He calls us to do.
  6. Serve. If your gathering produces a viable group, you are endorsed and empowered as an official Student Led Ministry.
  7. Grow and Collaborate. Groups continue their Student Led Ministry status as long as they meet the above criteria.

Criteria Recap: Visionary student. Meet with faculty mentor regularly. Fulfill a biblical need aligned with Central’s mission and values. Maintain a viable group, resources, and ministry. Meet regularly for coordination, celebration, and collaboration.

2.2–4.b. Resources & Empowerment

As a Student-Led Ministry, you have priority access to the following resources:

  • Central van use for ministry-related activities (there may be charges associated with van usage).
  • Startup budget of $50.
  • An account in the CCCB budget.
  • No-cost leadership training comprised of:
    • Two overnight off-site leadership retreats throughout the school year (Fall & Spring);
    • Ongoing mentoring relationship with experienced faculty; and
    • Periodic on-site leadership training and resources.
  • Priority consideration for chapel and campus announcements.
  • Ability to conduct limited pre-approved fund-raising activities to support the group’s ministry. These activities must be approved by the Student Development Department.
  • Ability to schedule pre-approved special events on campus through the Associate Director of Student Development
  • Service Learning credit for direct ministry activities.