2.2-5 Supply Preaching

Students have limited opportunities to preach in area churches that are looking for guest speakers from week to week. A student who desires to be added to the supply preaching list must be approved. In order to be placed on this list, students must fill out an application and be interviewed by the appropriate faculty member. Applications can be obtained from the Executive Assistant to the President.

Students who are approved are put on a general list. Those who are not from Christian churches or churches of Christ will be limited to supply preaching only for the denominational churches that contact us. If a student is scheduled to preach at a church, contact information for the church will be provided. The student is responsible for paying all expenses in travel to get to the church and may keep whatever the church pays. Students are encouraged to represent the College in the highest manner. Substantiated complaints from churches where a student preaches will lead to the removal of that student from the supply preaching list.