2.3-1 Health Services

CCCB does not have formal health services on campus. Serious health issues (mental or physical) should be directed to local health care providers whenever necessary.

2.3–1.a. Doctors & Hospitals

Treatment for accidents and illness is available through the emergency room of the Moberly Regional Medical Center, Moberly Urgent Care (1600 N. Morley St. Suite A120A 660-372-9595), Boone Convenient Care (300 North Morley 660-263-1225), Randolph County Health Department (1319US-24, Cairo 660-263-6643) or from several local physicians. The closest doctor's office is at Doctors’ Park on South Morley. Critically ill or injured students should contact Randolph County's ambulance service available day or night by dialing 911.

2.3–1.b. Insurance

Students are responsible for all financial costs of medical treatment through insurance or out-of-pocket payments. Affordable health insurance for students and their families is available through a private agent. Information about health insurance coverage is available at registration and in Student Services. All students must provide proof of insurance or sign a release of liability form during enrollment.

2.3-1.C Vaccinations

Along with other colleges in the state of Missouri, Central Christian College of the Bible is not mandated to require vaccinations of its students. However, we encourage our students to follow the recommendations listed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the American College Health Association (ACHA) to protect themselves from vaccine-preventable diseases.