3.1-1 Expectations

The college seeks to foster the practice of responsible Christian freedom. This freedom requires thoughtful, biblically guided choices in everyday matters of behavior, and interpersonal relationships. We recognize that varying standards mixed with diverse backgrounds and cultures lead to diverse expressions of that freedom. In an attempt to place other’s needs before our own, the following community guidelines have been adopted out of respect and courtesy. All students, including off-campus and married students, are to follow these guidelines.

3.1–1.a. Respectful Behavior

All students are expected to be respectful of authority, officials of the college, and individuals in the community (both on and off campus); instances of disrespect will be dealt with through the discipline process. This includes classroom decorum in addressing fellow students and faculty.

3.1–1.b. Dress Code

Our aim as Christians is to live in the world in a way that makes us stand out as different. The way we dress and present ourselves can be an expression of who we are, but while at Central, we encourage all students, as well as staff and faculty, to pursue modesty and simplicity in all things, including dress. Make it your aim to avoid calling undue attention to yourself through attire, grooming, or personal appearance. While we do not have specific guidelines for what you may or may not wear, we leave the power of discretion to the RD’s.