3.1-3 Student Code Authority

The VP of Student Development shall determine the composition of Student Conduct Boards and Appellate Boards and determine which Student Conduct Board, Student Conduct Administrator, and Appellete Board shall be authorized to hear each matter.

The VP of Student Development shall develop policies for the administration of the student conduct system and procedural rules for the conduct of Student Conduct Board Hearings that are not inconsistent with the provisions of the Student Code.

Decisions made by the Student Conduct Board and/or Student Conduct Administrator shall be final, pending the normal appeal process.

3.1–3.a. General Premises and Chain of Command

RDAs and RAs have the authority to report and correct minor infractions in the campus community. Residence Directors (RDs) have the authority to report, correct, and discipline a variety of infractions that pertain to residence life. The Deans will investigate and adjudicate infractions and/or violations of the student code at any level and may seek to include the VP of Student Development to determine discipline. RDAs and RAs report to RDs. RDs report to the Deans. The Deans reports to the VP of Student Development. The VP of Student Development reports to the Executive Team (including the President and the Board)