3.3-2 Personal Discipline

3.3–2.a. Personal Devotions.

Personal devotions are a vital part of your spiritual growth and development. You are urged to set aside a time each day to spend with the Lord and His Word. It may be difficult to find a quiet, private place in the dormitory to develop this habit. Still, students are encouraged to use the common areas of Pelfrey Hall, the Walton Student Center, the library, and outdoor seating areas as places to have devotions.

3.3–2.b. Entertainment Choices.

To protect the minds, consciences, and witnesses of our students, we expect that only morally appropriate movies, programs, and video games be shown or watched on campus. Students should ensure that they are not devoting excessive time to entertainment to the neglect of healthy relationships, studies and other responsibilities and/or ministries.

TELEVISION AND MOVIE CHOICES. Only G, PG, and PG-13 movies may be shown or viewed in public areas on the College campus. Exceptions to this rule for educational or ministry purposes (showing of clips, etc.) must be previously approved by a professor for use in the professor’s class or by the Vice President of Student Development for ministry purposes. Students are expected to use good judgment when watching movies off-campus and follow similar principles. Most films and programs are not licensed for public display, as they are limited to home or personal showings. Copyright laws prevent public viewing and advertisement of films in any public assembly area (gymnasium, Walton Student Center, classrooms, or dorm lobbies) without having public performance rights or written permission from the producer. The same applies to pay-per-view events and/or streaming programs(legally or illegally).

Television programs rated MA are not allowed to be viewed in public spaces. Any questions about these guidelines for public viewing should be handled through the Dean of Students. Students are allowed to watch movies and programs on their electronic devices, computers, DVD players, or personal televisions in private spaces. However, only G, PG, and PG-13 movies and Y, Y7, G, PG, and PG-14 television shows are allowed to be in possession of and viewed by the students in non-public areas. When viewing movies or shows in the collaboratorium, WSC viewing areas or the Central Cinema couples are not permitted to view without a third person present.

VIDEO GAMES AND BOARD/CARD GAMES. While video gaming consoles and gaming services are permitted, please use good judgment in the types of games and the amount of time and money spent on their use. Video Games that are rated MA are allowed only with prior approval from RD, or the Deans. Board games and card games promoting Satanic or immoral material are not allowed. If there is a question about a video game, board or card games acceptability, please speak with the Deans or Vice President of Student Development. Games that are deemed unacceptable may be confiscated by RDs.

3.2-2.c. Social Media 

Social media is a powerful tool in our current culture and should be viewed as a tool to build up the community. Students need to be aware that their interaction on social media reflects on themselves, their community, and the school. Any inappropriate content, posts, photos, videos, etc. can be cause for discipline.


3.3-4.d. Personal Preferences

Central realizes that all our students come to the college from a variety of regions of the country and world, from differing backgrounds, faiths, and family situations. We live in a world where many cultural differences and viewpoints exist. Central is, in and of itself, a culture. The community that is being built here on campus is not perfect because it is comprised of imperfect people. While you are a student here at CCCB, you might have to give up some of your personal preferences, and sometimes that will not seem fair, nor will it always be easy. The campus culture has evolved over the decades; for instance, wearing shorts to class was only made possible a few years ago. Rules and policies can be changed, but only through intelligent, respectful dialogue, and through appropriate channels. Coming to Central to train for ministry will hopefully serve to be a time of focus on what God wants in your life, not what individual rights you wish to protect or preserve. Servant leadership will require us to submit to a wide variety of rules and standards depending on what church, organization, or even place we are sent to serve. It will require us to think about the preferences of those whom we serve, and more importantly, the preferences of the God that we serve.