Academic Terminology


Academic Year

CCCB’s academic year has 3 terms. It begins with a fall semester, followed by a spring semester, and ends with a summer term. CCCB offers courses in each term.


A 15-week term. Semesters are commonly referenced as Fall or Spring or in the format using the corresponding year:

  • FA-23
  • SP-24


An 8-week term. CCCB’s online courses are offered in sessions. There are two online sessions each semester and one session in the summer. Online sessions are referenced by their session name and the year:

  • AUG-23
  • OCT-23
  • JAN-24
  • MAR-24
  • JUN-24

Summer term

The summer term length varies depending on the format of the course the student is enrolling in. CCCB offers multiple formats of courses in the summer:

  • Online courses
  • Independent studies
  • Field education experiences
  • Focused courses

The summer term is not required, and students who do not enroll in summer courses do not lose their enrollment status from the spring to the fall. Students use the summer term to get ahead in their program, to regain SAP, or to do their internship.



The credit earned upon completion of credit hour courses.


Grade Point Average is calculated by dividing the sum of final grades in a term by the number of credits taken in that term. The term GPA can affect the student’s academic status and financial aid eligibility for future terms.


Cumulative GPA divides final grades earned in all terms by credits attempted in all terms, including withdrawn courses. The CGPA can affect the student’s academic status and financial aid eligibility.