Additional Ways to Pay for School


CCCB accepts scholarships from a variety of sources, including outside businesses and organizations. Links to some of the most popular scholarship search engines are: 

Students are encouraged to check with the leadership and/or missions committee at their church to see if financial help is available to students attending a Christian college.


Students may enroll in a payment plan through Nelnet Business Solutions. Nelnet allows them to make monthly payments throughout the semester or school-year with no interest charges. More information may be found at


Students should talk with their parents to see if they are able to help pay college expenses. Parents can also check with their employers to see if there are scholarships or grants available through their places of employment, their life insurance companies, or service clubs.


Students who wish to work while in school may seek job opportunities in the Moberly and Columbia areas. Check listings in the GPS office, online, and in the newspapers. CCCB offers a limited number of jobs that are not Federal Work-Study. There are Federal Work Study positions available as well. Positions may be available in CCCB’s maintenance, housekeeping, and cafeteria departments. Employment may also be available in office work, tutoring, computer and library support. Students who are interested may apply at


Employment in some part-time ministry capacities is generally available in connection with the many congregations within driving distance of the campus. Such opportunities serve to reinforce the Christian education at CCCB as students find immediate application and experience in what they are learning.


Students must contact private loan arrangements themselves. The financial aid office will certify a private loan for up to the amount of the cost of attendance after all other aid is applied.