Applying to CCCB

CCCB evaluates each candidate for admission on an individual basis. Students are required to submit a completed and signed application form to the admissions office ( The admissions office will accept noninstitutional applications as equal to the institutional application. Any other applications and their acceptability are subject to the approval of the director of admissions.

All credentials and documents submitted to CCCB in the application and admission process become the property of CCCB and will not be returned to the applicant or forwarded to other institutions. Documents may be returned to international students upon the discretion of the admissions and/or academic offices after certified copies are made.

Applicants who have been incarcerated must demonstrate acceptable personal attributes and character and an active relationship with a local congregation as verified by the church leader reference for a minimum of one year immediately before enrollment.

Applicants who have been convicted of any law violation other than a minor traffic violation must provide a full explanation in order to be considered for admittance.

Applicants who were placed on disciplinary probation, suspended, or dismissed from a college or university must provide a full explanation in order to be reviewed for admittance.

Applicants who are admitted based upon false or incomplete information may be denied enrollment eligibility and/or dismissed from CCCB.

CCCB reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant whose academic history or personal qualifications are judged to be unsuitable for college work at CCCB.

An admitted student who demonstrates personal attributes or character that do not align with CCCB’s core values, community covenant, or student code before enrolling in CCCB may be denied enrollment or enrolled with sanctions by the admissions committee based upon a review of the available information by CCCB’s academic leadership team.