Bible & Ministry Program

Students focus their study in Bible more than with any other degree. Classes in introduction, content, and interpretation characterize this course of study. Students take courses in Old Testament, New Testament, and biblical theology. Students also receive a solid core of general studies courses and have the opportunity to create their own curriculum in professional studies.


Dr. Eric Stevens


  1. Display knowledge of key Bible passages, characters, and events in their geographical and historical-cultural contexts.

  2. Discover the meaning of biblical texts through the historical-grammatical method of interpretation.

  3. Identify real life applications of biblical texts in the current socio-cultural context.

  4. Affirm and defend the truthfulness of the Bible and Christian faith.

  5. Explain the biblical teaching of major Christian doctrines.

  6. Identify and explain biblical teaching and principles that guide ethical conduct in life.

  7. Articulate biblical principles of Christian life and leadership.


Postgraduate Options

  • Bible, theology, and ministry programs in seminaries and universities

Career Options

  • Preacher or associate minister

  • Teacher in a local church

  • Servant-leader in a parachurch ministry

  • Lesson writer or editor

Program Options