Christian Counseling Program

Students in the Christian Counseling program will learn how to identify needs and offer appropriate help to people facing different situations. They accomplish this through a careful evaluation of counseling theories and application of those theories through a biblical worldview. They understand situations requiring counseling, demonstrate good counseling skills, and are able to apply biblical truths to those situations.

Program Director

Sam White

Program Objectives

  1. Identify possible service opportunities within the field.
  2. Examine the need for counseling ministry and evaluate how their own giftedness can be used in that role.
  3. Integrate the areas of psychology, theology, and spirituality into the work of Christian counseling.
  4. Recognize the legal and ethical issues that influence the work of Christian counseling.
  5. Recognize the key theories, terminology, and practitioners in the field of counseling.
  6. Examine the needs of clients and choose intervention strategies to provide regular counseling treatments.
  7. Meet requirements to enter graduate programs that advance the students toward licensure as a professional counselor.
  8. Participate in a field education experience in which they perform and/or observe pastoral care and counseling under the supervision of an experienced counselor within a church or community setting.

Postgraduate & Career Options

Postgraduate Options

  • Graduate counseling program
  • State licensure

Career Options

  • Personal religious counseling in your own ministry
  • Spiritual counselor in a church
  • Camp counselor
  • Social service worker

Program Options