Classification of Students


Students who are actively pursuing the academic requirements of a certificate or degree. They are eligible for federal student aid. To be degree-seeking, students must have:

  • Graduated from high school or have a GED
  • Applied to be a student at CCCB
  • Been accepted by CCCB’s admissions department
  • Declared a degree program


Students who are not actively pursuing a certificate or a degree and are indicated as non-degree-seeking. Non-degree students are not eligible for federal aid. Such students are:


Students who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree, an associate degree, or certificate offered through on-campus courses and is not designated as an online program are considered onsite students for the purposes of fees and policies.


Students are considered online students if they have declared their program to be an online certificate or an online degree.


Enrolled students have:

  • Completed all admissions requirements
  • Completed registration for the semester
  • Fulfilled payment requirements for the semester

Students may enroll for any term; online students may begin their enrollment in the middle of a semester at the beginning of the second online session. An enrolled student is able to participate in courses.


Enrollment status indicates the level of hours a student is enrolled. This can affect the student’s eligibility for internal and federal aid.

Enrollment status is determined semester-to-semester and can change within a semester due to schedule changes. For online students, credit hours from both sessions within a semester are calculated.

Full-time student (FT)

A student must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours to be considered full-time and to receive financial aid at a full-time level.

Three-quarter time student (3QT)

A student enrolled in 9–11 hours is considered three-quarter time.

Half-time student (HT)

A student enrolled in 6–8 hours. For online students, this is the equivalent of 1 course per session.

Less than half-time student (LHT)

A student enrolled in 5 credit hours or less is considered less than half-time. At CCCB, this is equal to one course per semester. LHT students are not eligible for federal student aid.


A student’s grade level classification will change after a semester in which the credits completed qualify the student to be classified at the higher level.


Students with less than 30 credits earned.


Students who have earned over 30 and less than 60 credits.


Students who have earned at least 60 and less than 90 credits.


Students who have earned at least 90 credits.


Students who have earned a bachelor’s degree and are enrolled in a graduate-level program.