Classroom Policies


Students help maintain an environment conducive for learning so the classroom experience is successful. A complete policy on classroom decorum is found in the CCCB Student Handbook. Students are expected to be ready to start class on time, stay in class until it is over, save conversations until after class, ask clarifying questions without creating argumentation, avoid distracting the class through inappropriate behavior, and respect the teacher’s authority to set policies.

Students who violate the classroom decorum policy may receive penalties.

1st Violation Warning.

The student will be given a verbal warning by the teacher, either at the time of the violation or the end of class.

2nd Violation Written Notice.

The student will be issued a written reprimand by the teacher, copied to the vice president of academics.

3rd Violation Dismissal.

The student will be officially removed from the class. The appeals committee will hear any appeal by dismissed students. The student may attend class until the appeal is resolved.

The appeals committee of the faculty will hear any petition by dismissed students.