Collaborative Education with Indiana Wesleyan University

If a regionally accredited degree from Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) ( is not enough, in this program CCCB students will graduate with two bachelor degrees, and both degrees can be completed in four years (120 credit hours). IWU’s classes are offered in five- to six-week online sessions throughout the calendar year. Students dual-enroll with CCCB and IWU.

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Associate Degree in Computer Info Tech, Bachelor of Religious Studies—Missional Occupations (CCCB) + Bachelor of Science (IWU)

120+ credits

  • Accounting

  • Addictions Counseling

  • Business Administration

  • Business Administration—Human Resource Management

  • Business Administration—Personal Financial Planning

  • Business Information systems

  • Communication

  • Criminal Justice

  • Cybersecurity—Cyber Analyst

  • Early Childhood Education—Licensure

  • Early Childhood Education—Non-Licensure

  • Healthcare Administration

  • Hospitality Management

  • Human Services

  • Integrative Studies

  • International relations and security—Cybersecurity

  • International relations and security—Global security

  • Management

  • Management—Human Resources

  • Management—uLEAP

  • Marketing

  • Marketing—Analytics

  • Marketing—Digital Advertising, Promotion, and Branding

  • Marketing—Services and Non-Profit

  • Marketing—Social Media

  • Psychology of Human Relations

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