Collaborative Education With Moberly Area Community College

Through transfer and/or dual-enrollment with Moberly Area Community College (MACC) (, students earn marketplace credits at MACC while gaining Bible and ministry training at CCCB with the benefit of the Christian campus community. CCCB students receive discounted pricing for MACC career courses while dual-enrolled with CCCB.

For more detailed information regarding MACC programs and courses, see MACC Catalog 2021–22 at Catalog.pdf.


Brandon Bradley


  • Bachelor of religious studies—Missional Occupations (BRSMO) + Certificate OR Associate Degree: Students earn a bachelor degree from CCCB and a certificate or associate degree from MACC. The 32-credit certificates or the associates degrees meet the professional studies requirement of CCCB’s BRS degree. In some of these programs, the credit requirement is more than the BRS requirement. Throughout the program, students will enroll full-time at CCCB, dual enroll with CCCB and MACC, and enroll full-time at MACC; the order these mixed enrollments occur depends on the program the student enters.

  • Linear path: This path is for students who are primarily enrolled at MACC but want a Christian college environment and influence during their first two years. This path works for students who want to use their Missouri A+ Scholarship or who are qualified for the Missouri Bright Flight scholarship. Students living on campus at CCCB must take at least one class per semester at CCCB. Linear Path students will take 14–24 credits at CCCB and 40–50 credits at MACC. Linear Path students are not eligible for college athletic teams at CCCB

  • Reverse transfer path: This path is for students who are primarily enrolled at CCCB but might transfer to a university after two years. A CCCB student is able to pursue either a ministry degree or a transfer degree without losing any time. Reverse Transfer Path allows students to earn 46 credits at CCCB and 18 credits at MACC. After four semesters, the student may continue with a bachelor’s degree at CCCB or transfer to a university as a junior. Reverse Transfer Path students are eligible for college athletic teams at CCCB.

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