Community Covenant

CCCB’s students step out of the world to live a higher calling. As Saints, their relationship to God, each other, other Christians, and those yet to be saved, is to be distinctly Christ-like. Central’s students work, live, and grow together in a spiritually transformed community that expresses authentic Kingdom living. As members of Central’s Christ-centered learning community of authentic believers and servant leaders, we support one another and hold one another accountable in our words, attitudes, actions and service to pursue these qualities of spiritual maturity:

We covenant together to live a life that honors God, submits to His Word, assembles with His church, practices spiritual disciplines, and serves His creation.

We covenant together to love and support one another through personal and respectful interactions, compassionate sensitivity to others, and gracious acts of redemptive confrontation and forgiveness.

We covenant together to be self-disciplined and self-controlled as we seek to grow in genuine Christ- likeness, improve our service, and pursue excellence in fulfilling our God-givenmission.

We covenant together to demonstrate integrity, honesty, truthfulness, humility, and purity in words and actions.

As members of this spiritual community, we covenant together to uphold these characteristics of spiritual maturity so that God will be honored on our campus. Our desire is for Central to be known for the quality of her students and her graduates.

If you agree to adhere to this covenant, please sign your name below. Your signature below also indicates that you are familiar with the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct of Central Christian College of the Bible and agree to submit to the authority of those standards.



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This handbook is meant to be a guideline for students to find success at Central Christian College of the Bible. The guidelines herein are subject to change per the approval of Student Development, the President, or the Board. Changes or revisions are made yearly; addendums are made when necessary, but will always be communicated in a variety of mediums.