Course Numbering System

In the course numbering system for undergraduate courses, the first letter indicates each course’s division:

  • Biblical (B)
  • General (G)
  • Professional (P)
    • Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT)
    • Supervised Ministry Experience (SME)
    • Christian Leadership Apprenticeship (CLA)

The next two letters indicate subdivision, such as:

Communication Arts (CA)
Christian Ministry (CM)
Education (ED)
Greek Language (GL)
Hebrew Language (HE)
History (HS)
General Bible (IB)
Missions and Intercultural (MI)
New Testament (NT)
Old Testament (OT)
Philosophy Studies (PS)

For graduate courses, the lettering indicates the program for which the course was created:

  • Masters in Preaching (MAP)
  • Masters in Ministry Leadership (MML)

The three numbers indicate the level of the course:

  • 100’s are freshman-level
  • 200’s are sophomore-level
  • 300’s are upper-level or junior/senior-level
  • 600’s and 700’s are master’s-level

For example, BOT101 is in the Biblical Studies division, Old Testament subdivision, and is freshman level.