Education Formats

CCCB utilizes many course and credit-earning formats to educate our students.


CCCB offers most courses as in-seat courses. They meet on a weekly basis in a classroom. Some in-seat courses may include travel or attendance at a conference or event.

Online Courses

CCCB offers online courses that apply to degrees or certificates. These courses require Internet access and regular access to a computer. Online courses are taught by CCCB professors and last eight weeks.

Focused Courses

CCCB offers courses in a non-traditional format. These courses are week-long focused classes and eight-week focused classes. These courses are offered onsite in both Moberly and Kentucky campuses.


CCCB offers two types of internships, depending on the program in which the student is enrolled:

  • Supervised Ministry Experience
  • Christian Leadership Apprenticeship

Supervised Ministry Experience (SME)

CCCB’s SME program provides the opportunity to serve in a located ministry under the supervision of an experienced leader. Most Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts ministry programs require students to complete this program. The field education requirement is normally completed before or during the student’s senior year. 

Christian Leadership Apprenticeship (CLA)

Students seeking a BRS degree in Christian Leadership are required to complete a CLA. The apprenticeship program allows the opportunity for students to serve in various capacities under the supervision of faculty or staff or in a located ministry under the supervision of an experienced leader. (See also “Christian Leadership Apprenticeship (CLA)”)

Independent Studies

To meet the individual needs of students, faculty may provide courses not offered in the regular schedule. Students are allowed to take an independent study course when a course required for graduation is not available. The instructor creates a syllabus which lists reading, writing, meeting, and testing assignments with a workload comparable to taking the course in the classroom. (See also “Independent Studies”)