Enrollment Eligibility


Based on record type, admitted students wishing to enroll at CCCB must submit documents to solidify enrollment eligibility.

  • High school transcripts: An official final transcript verifying that secondary education requirements have been completed and thus indicated by a graduation date and signature by a school official.
    • An official homeschool transcript that verifies that the applicant has met the student’s state requirements for high school graduation and that is signed by a parent.
    • An official transcript (in print or digital) of a high school equivalency test designated by a state as the state’s high school equivalency test.
  • Test scores: Submit an official ACT or SAT score report issued by the test provider directly to CCCB, either in print or included on an official high school transcript (in print or digital). If the scores are not included on the applicant’s high school transcript, students will need to request official scores to be sent to CCCB. International students must also submit official TOEFL and/or IELTS scores.
  • Transcripts from all colleges/universities attended: Official final transcripts from all colleges and universities attended must be submitted, including dual credit course credits.
  • AP/CLEP credit: Advanced Placement and/or College Level Examination Program official scores must be submitted.


Prior to enrollment, the following documents or credentials are to be submitted for final enrollment in courses at CCCB.

  • Registration form for all students
  • Housing form for all resident students
  • Complete, final, and official transcripts
  • Completed registration materials
  • Completed Enrollment Agreement
  • Acceptable payment or arrangements for student account balances

Online students must also submit the following:

  • Identity & statement of educational purpose form
  • Notarized photocopy of a government issued photo identification 

Federal student aid will not be disbursed until both the statement and the photo ID have been submitted to CCCB.


Degree-seeking onsite students (regardless of residency status) are required to pay a non-refundable $250 down payment (previously referred to as an enrollment fee) to reserve their place in the classroom.

After two consecutive semesters after leaving CCCB, a readmitted student will need to pay the enrollment fee again. A CCCB student who has been granted a leave of absence will not be required to pay the enrollment fee again.


Students are required to provide at least one reference that attests to the personal attributes and character that are in alignment with the Community Covenant and the Student Code of Conduct as found in the CCCB Student Handbook. Church leaders include ministers officially recognized by the congregation, Sunday school teachers, elders, deacons, pastors, FCA advisors, etc. References must not be related to the applicant.

  • Reference forms must be submitted directly to CCCB either in print or digitally by the reference or be verified by CCCB by contacting the reference if received in other ways. All reference forms are valid for one year.
  • Expired references may be validated at the time when the applicant’s application is completed by CCCB at CCCB’s discretion by contacting the reference.
  • The director of admissions may choose to contact the church leader to confirm and validate the church leader reference and to ask additional questions of the reference.
  • Students with a below-standard reference must be considered for enrollment eligibility by the admissions committee. A personal statement or a second reference may be requested from the student for further enrollment consideration.


Admission deadlines for each semester can be found on CCCB’s website. A paper copy can be made available upon request.

New or readmitted onsite students must have appropriate application materials completed and gain admission by the Wednesday prior to orientation.

Online students must have appropriate application materials completed and gain admission three weeks before the first day of the course.