Financial Information

Registration and Payment Policies

All students must have their bill paid in full or payment arrangements in place with the Business Office
before classes start. 

Satisfactory payment arrangements may include the following:
          1. If a student has completed the process for financial aid, the college will require only that the
              student pay the obligation that will remain after application of the expected aid.  Completion
              of the Federal Financial Aid process includes completing all forms required to receive aid
              including, but not limited to, the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), all
              documents needed to satisfy the requirements of verification, and all loan documents (if
          2. The college may consider non-federal awards (from churches, service clubs, or other
              promised awards) in order to decrease the payment required prior to attending classes only if
              the college receives written notice stating the following:  award name, sponsor, amount,
              expected date of disbursement, and notice of any award restrictions.  
          3. Students may choose to pay by utilizing a payment plan.  The student must have an approved
              plan in place and be current on that plan.  If the student terminates or defaults on that plan,
              immediate payment may be requested in full.
          4. Students may choose to take a private loan to cover the balance.  That loan must be approved
              by the bank and certified by the college prior to the due date.

In the event that extreme circumstances exist for a student that prevents them from making payment
arrangements before classes start, the student may request an extension. Extensions will be considered
on a case by case basis and, if granted, the student will have until the Census date (end of the Grace
Period) to make satisfactory payment arrangements.  If they have not made payment arrangements by
that time, then the student will be dropped from all classes. The Registrar’s Office will notify the
student via the student's official school email address at the time of the drop.

If at any time after the start of the semester it is determined that the student’s anticipated financial aid
will not be available, they will be notified in writing of the remaining obligation.  The student will have 7
days from the date of notification to make appropriate payment arrangements.

Refund Policy

Students who withdraw from the college by the end of the Grace Period will be charged an Exit Fee.  Semester fees, housing fees, and tuition will be refunded.  Non-Refundable fees include, but are not limited to, bookstore charges and classroom materials.

After the Grace Period, no refunds of any fees or charges will be given to students who are dismissed or who officially withdraw from all or a portion of their classes.  

The following exceptions will be honored:

  1. A student who has received orders to report for active duty in the military may request a refund. The student must present a copy of their military orders.
  2. A student who is suspended, given the option to rehabilitate, and is expected to do so may request a refund.
  3. A student who becomes unable to attend school due to a medical condition may request a refund. The student must present a written medical release from his/her doctor or counselor stating that class attendance would be detrimental to their health.
  4. A student whose immediate family has an emergency because of major illness, death, or other family loss, may request a refund if the student’s continued enrollment would cause undue hardship for the family.  A written request must be submitted by the student’s parent or guardian if the student is a dependent, or the student themselves if they are independent. The letter must explain the situation and include a request to be excused from further class attendance.

All documentation for refunds must be presented to the Vice-President of Business and Finance for approval. All approved refunds are based upon the date of submission.  If approved, a student will receive a grade of “W” for all withdrawn courses, which will not affect a student’s GPA.  However, those courses will be included in the calculation of the student’s completion ratio.  

If a student meets one of the above exceptions, and has the approval of the Vice-President of Business and Finance, then a refund will be credited to the student’s account in the following manner. The student fee refunds will be prorated according to the academic ratio. Room and Board costs will be prorated according to the number of days remaining in the semester.  Refunds will only be given on student fees as well as room and board.  No refunds will be given on any other fees or charges, including room upgrades.