Grading Policies


Grades are determined by some or all of the following:

  • The student’s participation in class discussion
  • Tests, quizzes, collateral reading, and projects
  • Term papers
  • Paper formatting that follows Kate Turabian’s Manual for Writers [9th ed.]
  • A final examination

Course syllabi may indicate the exact formula to be used for calculating the grades in each course. Professors may occasionally modify the default grading scale in the course syllabus to suit the particular needs of the course. The following grade system prevails:

    A 95-100 (4.0) A- 90-94 (3.7)
B+ 87-89 (3.3) B B 83-86 (3.0) B- 80-82 (2.7)
C+ 77-79 (2.3) C 73-76 (2.0) C- 70-72 (1.7)
D+ 67-69 (1.3) D 63-66 (1.0) D- 60-62 (0.7)
    F 0-59 (0.0)    
P Student earned at least 80% in a pass-fail course (4 quality points)
FW Failure due to excessive absences and withdrawn from course
W Withdrawn from a course
AU Course was audited by a student, no grade was given
I Incomplete grade (temporary)
IP In progress (temporary)


To help students and teachers track student progress, grades are checked periodically.  A few weeks after the term ends, the final grades and GPA are available online within the student’s portal.