Health and Safety

Health Services

CCCB does not have formal health services on campus. RA’s, and various staff and faculty are trained in basic first aid and CPR through the American Red Cross. Still, they are by no means to be considered professional health providers. Serious health issues (mental or physical) should be directed to local health care providers whenever necessary.


Students are responsible for all financial costs of medical treatment through insurance or out of pocket payments. Affordable health insurance for students and their families is available through a private agent. Information about health insurance coverage is available at registration and in Student Services. All students must provide proof of insurance or sign a release of liability form during enrollment.


Along with other colleges in the state of Missouri, Central Christian College of the Bible is not mandated to require vaccinations of its student. However, we encourage our students to follow the recommendations listed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the American College Health Association (ACHA) to protect themselves from vaccine-preventable diseases. These recommendations may be found on the CDC website (

Other Health Crises

CCCB makes every effort to comply with state and federal regulations that occur during health crises like the Coronavirus (CoVid-19) and other diseases or viruses that would affect campus health and safety. Every effort is made to stay up-to-date with health reports and advisement issued by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Our campus housekeeping staff works to sanitize all public areas, including bathrooms, doorknobs, etc. and the college has numerous hand sanitizing stations around campus. Students and employees are asked to wear a mask voluntarily, to wash their hands with soap and water frequently, to maintain social distancing practices of six feet, and to have their temperature taken whenever necessitated. Students and employees are asked to quarantine themselves whenever they are sick, or have a temperature. International students that have entered the United States during the CoVid-19 outbreak or students traveling from states or cities that have had a higher rate of infection are being asked to quarantine themselves as well. For more information connect to the CDC with this link: