Letter from the Vice President of Academics

The decision to attend college often includes a whirlwind of micro-discernments about your professional interests, understanding your identity, becoming increasingly self-reliant, all the while renegotiating relationships with family and friends in one of the most stressful seasons of life. Choosing to attend Bible college often adds a spiritual layer of complexity to this already overwhelming list. Your “calling” is a sense that God is asking you to participate with him in a particular kind of ministry. It may have come through the observation of a parent or a youth minister, or from a cross-cultural experience. Regardless of whether you “know” or are “discovering” God’s will for your life, or if you are seeking to advance your calling through graduate education, we want to help you make the best decisions possible about your vocational preparation, time, and money.

In this catalog, you will find vital information regarding admissions, financial, and academic policies and procedures which will help you succeed in your higher education experience at Central Christian College of the Bible. We also want to provide you with the best opportunities to develop both personally and professionally. This will happen in the classroom as our faculty share more than information. They will share the necessary ingredients of a life well-lived: a knowledge of the Word of God, an example of a godly and faithful disciple, and the skills to expand the Kingdom of God and make disciples in the church and the marketplace. Other campus departments and staff will provide academic, emotional, and spiritual support to not only assist you in completing your degree, but also prepare you to step into the next phase of life. In addition, our supervised ministry experiences will give you the opportunity to immediately apply your classroom knowledge alongside seasoned practitioners.

Transitions in life are difficult. But you’re not alone on this journey! We look forward to partnering with you as you live into God’s calling for your life.


Shawn M. Lindsay, PhD (candidate)