Moberly Campus Calendar







New Students Arrive (Fri)


Aug 12

AUG Online Begins/Ends (Mon/Sun) (Beginning FA 23 Florence and St. Louis) Tues


Aug 15-Oct 9

First Day of Classes (Tues)


Aug 16

Grace Period (Wed. by 5:00 pm ONS/ONL)


Aug 24

Fall Student Leadership Retreat


Sep 9-10

AUG Online Withdraw Deadline


Sep 19

Graduate Students on Campus (Mon-Fri)


Oct 3-7

Board of Trustees Meeting


Oct 21

OCT Online and OCT Block Begins/Ends

(Beginning FA 23 Florence and St. Louis) Tues


Oct 10-Dec 11

Onsite Withdraw Deadline (Mon 5:00 pm)


Oct 31

OCT Online Grace Period & Withdraw


Oct 19/Nov 14



Nov 3-5 (OH)

Thanksgiving Break


Nov 19-27

Last Week of Classes/Finals (Mon-Fri)


Dec 5-9

Last Class Day (Friday)


Dec 9

ALL Final Grades Due (Mon)


Dec 19




New Students Arrive (Fri)


Jan 6

JAN Online Begins/Ends

Beginning SP 23 Florence and St. Louis (Tues)


Jan 9-Mar 5



Jan 16

First Day of Classes (Tues)


Jan 10

Grace Period (Wed by 5:00 pm)


Jan 18

JAN Online Grace Period & Withdraw


Jan 18/Feb 13

Board of Trustees Meeting


Jan 27

Graduate Students on Campus

FOCUS WEEK Undergraduate Classes for Onsite CCCB (beginning 2023)

Break for Onsite Undergraduate Students (Beginning 2023)


Feb 20-24

Graduate class at Florence, KY


Feb 27-Mar 3



Mar 10

Missouri Christian Convention 


Mar 10-11

Outreach Week/Spring Break (Fri-Sun)


Mar 10-19

Service Day


Mar 30

MAR Online and MAR Block Begins/Ends

(Beginning SP 23 Florence and St. Louis) (Tues)


Mar 6-May 7

MAR Online Grace Period & Withdraw


Mar 22/Apr 17

SOLID Conference for Men


March 2-4

ONS Withdraw Deadline (Mon 5:00 pm)


Apr 3

Campus Revival   Apr 3-7

Servant Leader Lunch (Missions Banquet)


Apr 11

Easter Break (No class on Good Friday)


Apr 7

SHINE Conference for Women


April 13-15

Spring Student Leadership Retreat


Apr 21-22

Bd of Trustees/Employee Appreciation


Apr 28

Last Week of Class/Finals (Mon- Fri)


May 8-12

Last Day of Classes


May 12

Honors Chapel/Commencement


May 12

Final Grades Due (Mon)


May 22

SUMMER Online Begins/Ends (Mon/Sun)

Beginning SU 23 Florence and St. Louis


May 29-Jul 23

SUMMER Online Grace Period/Withdraw


Jun 7/Jul 3