Saints GPS

Saints GPS develops servant-leaders for the church by providing guidance as students navigate professionalism and spirituality. The goal is to assist students with their professional preparation as they become dedicated disciples who know God’s Word and serve His Kingdom. To aid in the development and better understanding of personal identity, Saints GPS offers discernment discussions, skills assessments, tools for life-skills development, and workshops on varying subjects. For students seeking help in the area of vocation and jobs, Saints GPS services include:

  • Maintaining a database of active service-learning opportunities
  • Supervised Ministry Experience (SME) documentation and tracking
  • Help with job searches
  • Career coaching
  • Network development
  • Resume writing and proofreading services
  • Interview skills development
  • Workshops on varying subjects
  • On-campus job applications

Saints GPS also works under Student Development to provide students the opportunity to grow spiritually, academically, and professionally in areas such as discipleship and mentoring, and portfolio development.