Transfer of Credits

Students may apply coursework from other institutions to their degree program. Credits transferred do not affect a student’s GPA at Central but are part of the attempted/completion ratio and are used to determine grade level. Credits will be accepted for classes taken up to twelve years ago.

Credits which are fully accepted at Central must:
1. Be earned at an accredited institution
2. Apply to a program at Central
3. Have a grade for the course that is a C- or above

Comparable credits earned at non-accredited institutions may be accepted provisionally, subject to validation by the student satisfactorily completing 15 credits at Central with a C (2.00) average.

Students who have received college credit via dual credit in high school courses or from other college courses are required to have the college granting credit to send a final official transcript before any credit can be applied at Central.

Credits will be applied to a student’s grade level once the Academic Services Office receives a final official transcript from the granting school. 

Examination Credits

Central accepts Advanced Placement (AP) scores of 3 or higher for college credit in place of required general studies courses. 

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) scores of 50 and above may also be accepted in place of required general studies courses. Each examination is worth three college credits. 

Central may accept up to 15 Credits for Prior Learning (CPL) if it has been transcripted by an accredited college and applies to a CCCB degree. 

Correspondence credit- Central may choose to accept a maximum of 30 credits of accredited correspondence credit toward a degree, providing that it applies to a CCCB degree and is accompanied by a transcript from an accredited college. 

Ordering a Transcript

Past students may print their own unofficial transcript using the student portal or pay a transcript fee for each official transcript. A signed request is required using the transcript request form available in the academic services office or online at

Any remaining balance on the student’s account must be paid before an official transcript will be released. Current students who have paid the student fee may request up to 3 free official transcripts per semester.

Students need to allow 7–10 days for a transcript to be processed. Transcripts for a third party must remain sealed to be considered official.

Policy on Name Change

A student's name can be changed during enrollment if legal documentation is provided to verify the change.  If a student is no longer enrolled, the student's name will remain the same in the records as it was when they were last enrolled. 

If legal documentation of a name change accompanies a transcript request, the Registrar may provide a "Transcript Addendum" to provide confirmation of the student's identity.