Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate education is post-high school education in a specific area of study in which the goal is a degree achieved. Students select an academic program and the degree they desire, and progress in the program is determined by credit hours completed.

Academic Program

A specific area of study. Students choose their own program of study through majors, minors, and certificates and through bachelor, associate, or master’s degrees.

Credit Hour

An amount of work that includes one contact hour of direct faculty instruction and two hours of out-of-classroom student work each week for approximately 15 weeks. Thus, a one-credit class requires approximately 45 clock-hours throughout the semester of lecture, recitation, discussion, seminar, or colloquium, or other classroom work, plus assignments and other activities outside the classroom.

Upon completion of a program, students will earn:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Associate’s degree
  • Certificate