Weapons Policy

With the addition of shotgun sports to the athletic roster CCCB wants to make clear our stance on weapons within our campus community

2.4-1 Definition of terms

1. “Weapon” is defined as a thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage.

2. “Firearm” is defined as an assembly of barrel and action from which a projectile is discharged by means of a rapidly burning propellant. Also called a weapon, gun, handgun, long gun, pistol, revolver, etc.

3. “Concealed Weapon” is defined as any weapon that is hidden from common observance while being on or about a person. A weapon is deemed hidden from common observation when it appears so deceptively as to disguise the weapon’s true nature.

4. “College property” is defined as any building or land owned or leased by the Central Christian College of the Bible (CCCB) or subject to its control.

2.4-2 Weapons on College Property are Generally Prohibited

1. Except as authorized pursuant to these weapons policy rules and regulations, no person shall possess or carry a concealed weapon on college property or on college facilities.

2. Weapons that are approved by the college must be serviced or cleaned off college property. Subject to the express permission and oversight of CCCB security or shooting sports personnel weapons may be serviced or cleaned at approved gun ranges or shooting venues.

3. In accordance with state and federal law, no weapons (including concealed weapons) are permitted in secured areas of airports and aircraft, and no firearms are permitted within the confines of the college property that is being rented by a third party.

2.4-3 Persons Eligible for Authorization to Carry Weapons

1. Police officers, other law enforcement officers, and other government personnel authorized to carry a weapon may carry their weapons on college property in accordance with the laws of Missouri or Kentucky.

2. Security team personnel who have received training and been approved by CCCB’s chief security officer (VP of Student Development) are allowed to carry a weapon on college property and facilities.

3. Faculty and staff of CCCB, including student employees, who hold a valid concealed weapons permit, recognized by the state 17 CCCB Student Handbook 23/24 of Missouri or Kentucky must be approved by the VP of Student Development before they are allowed to carry any concealed weapon on college property or in CCCB facilities.

4. Students of CCCB who hold a valid concealed weapons permit are not allowed to carry any weapon without the express permission of the VP of Student Development.

5. Students who are participating in CCCB’s shooting sports program must store their weapons offsite in the approved storage unit which is located at the practice range. If they bring their weapons to campus when they move into residential facilities, they must immediately notify the director of the shooting sports and allow him to store their weapons safely until they can be moved offsite to the practice range storage facility.

2.4-4 CCCB Security Team

1. CCCB does not currently have a Campus police force in place. All security is overseen by the VP of Student Development who functions as CCCB's chief security officer.

2. The Chief of Security has developed a security team that consists of employees who have received specialized training and are able to carry concealed weapons to respond to armed intruder situations. This security team will work in conjunction with local police and the training that students and staff have received.

3. The security team will not be personally identified to the students, but they will be made aware that there are people who function in this capacity.