Youth & Family Ministry

Students in the Youth & Family Ministry program examine social trends that affect youth, their families, and youth ministry. They identify the characteristics, needs, and developmental tasks of young people. They also lead by evaluating youth ministry models, products, and resources that assist the youth ministry of the local congregation.


Walt Harper


  1. Evangelizing and discipling the next generation.

  2. Applying biblical knowledge through effective communication to students in the local church.

  3. Leading through the structures of the local congregation.

  4. Designing programs and recruiting volunteers in the local church context.

  5. Understanding and applying social trends that affect students, their families, and the task of youth ministry.


Postgraduate Options

  • Seminary strategic ministry programs
  • Graduate leadership or

Career Options

  • Youth minister
  • Associate minister
  • Children's minister
  • Camp director
  • Cross-cultural student minister
  • Campus minister

Program Options