Christian Education

Christian educators inform God’s people for their development and service in God’s kingdom. The Christian Education program helps students understand the characteristics, needs, and developmental tasks for learning in all stages of human development. Students learn to prepare age-appropriate lessons that present biblical truth to the needs of learners. Students also develop the leadership role of evaluating products and resources that are available to assist the educational ministry of the church.


Bill Thomas


  1. Develop critical thinking skills founded on a biblical worldview in order to prepare age-appropriate lessons that communicate and apply biblical truth to meet the needs of students.

  2. Acquire a foundational knowledge of educational theory, child development, and the systems of education in order to implement an effective system of discipline and classroom management based on a Christian philosophical foundation.

  3. Demonstrate technological and technical skills required for competent classroom instruction.

  4. Identify, understand and apply principles of human development including the characteristics, needs, and developmental tasks across the human lifespan with a holistic view of the child in the classroom.

  5. Develop multicultural and diversity competencies appropriate to include all people regardless of disability, gender, race or ethnicity.


Postgraduate Option

  • Graduate education program
  • Teaching certification

Career Options

  • (Preparation for) public or private school teacher
  • Overseas teacher
  • Substitute teacher
  • Preschool teacher
  • Children’s minister
  • Education minister
  • Teacher in the church

Program Options