Teacher Preparation Certificate

For the Teacher Preparation Certificate (TPC), students prepare for state licensure to teach in public schools through the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE) (americanboard.org). ABCTE offers an online, independent study program that prepares students to become a licensed teacher. ABCTE is a state-approved route to full teacher certification in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, and Wisconsin.

Enrollment Options

  • Concurrent certificate with bachelor’s degree: Students may complete ABCTE during their senior year and add a Teacher Preparation Certificate to the BA, BS, or BRS degree.
  • Dual-enrollment: students may complete the requirements for the BRS degree and enroll at another college to complete the requirements for state licensure.

Career Options

A minimum CGPA and completion of the ABCTE program are required to apply for state licensure. The requirements and approved certifications for each state are listed online at americanboard.org.

  • Elementary school teacher
  • Secondary school teacher


  • Minimum CGPA of 2.50
  • Senior status


  • 60 contact hours working with children in licensed K–12 school
  • 18 credits of courses below


Item #
General Studies Elective in Content Area  +
Sub-Total Credits